___Tuition payment is due the Monday before childcare is provided. Tuition is due Tuesday for children that attend T-TH. Place your payment in the black tuition box near the sign-up sheet.  Late fees apply if payment is not made by the end of the week. If you are paying in cash use the envelopes provided outside of the preschool office and indicate the amount, the week you are paying for, and child’s name.  If you are paying for the full month there is a $10 discount from the full amount.

___Late tuition fee is $10.00 each week that it is late. We will use a collection agency to collect any unpaid tuition and you will be responsible for all fees accrued through the collection agency to reconcile the debt you owe. A child may not return to school after tuition is one-week late unless a payment plan is agreed upon in writing between the family and the preschool. Your child may return when the balance is paid in full if space is still available.

___Late pick-up fee is $1.00 for each minute past 6:00 p.m.  Please put this money in the tuition box when you are late.  Checks are payable to PSCP.

__ Returned Checks: There will be a $25.00 returned check fee for all returned checks.

___ Sign in Sheet: Please sign your child in each morning.  A clipboard is hanging outside the office door.  The teachers will sign children out at the end of each day.  We will need written notice of unusual pick-up arrangements and we will check ID of any person(s) we have not met during pick-up time.

___ Absences and closings: Tuition is due even though school is closed or when a child doesn’t attend.  Keeping in mind the safety of the staff and families, we will do our best to open during inclement weather.  Please inform us when your child is absent from school. The school voice mail 434-296-8922 is the most reliable source of information for weather related closings and delays.  You may also watch NBC 29 local television channel for school closing and delay information.

__No make-up days: I f your child is part-time and is absent from school or if school is closed due to holidays/inclement weather on your child’s scheduled day, you may not switch days or make the day up on another day. You may request to add a day for an additional cost and the Director will notify you if there is space available.

___ Withdrawal: If you plan to withdraw your child, you will need to give a two-week written notice.  Tuition for the two weeks must be paid.

____Toilet Training: Your child must be 100% toilet trained before enrolling into the preschool. Your child must be able to go into the bathroom alone and handle clothing independently.  If your child starts here at PSCP and begins having excessive accidents, PSCP has the right to terminate enrollment based on the lack of our ability to properly sanitize excessive accidents and provide proper supervision of the other children when a teacher is cleaning up toileting accidents.  We will give you a two-week notice of enrollment termination. You have the choice to go on our waiting list until your child is fully toilet-trained.

____Safe Body Rules:

  1. Walk in the building.
  2. Use gentle hands with adults, friends, and toys/equipment.
  3. Use kind words and give friends some personal space when talking.
  4. Ask permission before giving a hug. When giving a hug do it gently. Other ways you may show affection are: high-five, pinky hug, draw a picture, smile, play together
  5. Use anatomically correct words to discuss all body parts.
  6. No showing private parts or touching other’s private parts. Private parts are body parts that your bathing suit covers. Tell a grow-up right away if someone touches your private areas.
  7. To express big feelings (such as: anger, sadness, frustration, over-excited, shyness, etc.) find a calm area. When you have big feelings some things you can do to help are:
  8. take 3 deep breaths
  9. ask for help and/or use feelings words
  10. cry for a short period
  11. draw
  12. cuddle with a soft toy
  13. use squeeze toys or other calming toys

____Child Abuse and Neglect: As employees of Park Street Christian Preschool we are mandated by the state of VA to report suspected cases of child abuse and neglect of children enrolled at Park Street Christian Preschool.  Spankings and harsh verbal interactions are not allowed at Park Street Christian Preschool by family members or staff members.  You will receive a resource book titled, Understanding Children’s Sexual Behaviors: What’s Natural and Healthy. We use this resource to help us determine if behaviors we may observe warrant concern. Due to liability concerns and ensuring the wellness and safety of all children, if we observe a child exhibiting sexualized behaviors that are considered red flags we will seek advice from outside professional resources to develop a plan of action to address these behaviors. We will depend on these professionals to guide our next steps for problem-solving these issues and it may involve termination of enrollment.  See below for addressing other challenging behaviors.

___Discipline & Challenging Behavior Policy: Our goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of all children that we serve. We strive to accept children with a variety of abilities and value family partnership with all aspects of a child’s development. As a private early childhood education program, we have to meet state licensing regulations which can limit our ability to meet some needs. Our facility and program have limitations of support services. Therefore, there are times we have to acknowledge that our program may not be the best fit for some children with special needs.  Severe, challenging behaviors are considered a special need. We use the evidence-based Competencies for Promoting healthy Social and Emotional Development and the Teaching Pyramid Model as tools to guide our efforts with the needs of children in our program. Intentional teaching methods along with connecting and developing nurturing relationships with the child and parents, using responsive and respectful positive discipline approaches, and creating a calm predictable classroom climate are all strategies used to set children up for success. We will use a variety of positive discipline approaches such as redirection, natural or logical consequences; provide specific positive feedback with firm, clear, and gentle guidance and expectations; and offer “calm down areas”.  A calm down area is similar to a timeout but is used in a positive way to help a child regain self-control and learn self-regulation and problem-solving skills with the support of an adult nearby.  A child may be removed from the group until she/he is ready to join the group and make appropriate calm, safe body choices. Best practices in Early Childhood Education teaches us to refrain from reporting bad behavior at the end of the day unless it is part of a behavior modification plan or the behavior is severe. However, we will use the daily communication log to inform you of ongoing misbehavior or severe behaviors such as yelling, hitting/kicking, spitting, biting, using unkind words, etc. during the day.  We do not expect a child to have additional consequences at home because due to the child’s preschool developmental level and understanding of time it is often not an effective strategy to impose consequences at home unless it is part of a behavior plan. Our goal is for the reunion between a child and family members to be positive at the end of the day and we want to facilitate positive family connections. Please note that if we feel we are unable to properly keep your child and other people safe due to severe challenging behaviors you will be called for an early pick-up. If severe challenging behaviors consistently (more than a week) occur and becomes disruptive and harmful to self and others, a teacher will notify the parent and the Director in writing (through an email or daily note). The teacher will list behaviors observed and strategies used to help with the challenging behaviors. The Director will do an assessment of the classroom to ensure intentional teaching strategies are in place and implemented regularly. As soon as challenging behaviors develop, the teacher will log time, place, and behavior exhibited; and preventative strategies used. If these severe behaviors continue after director coaching, the family will be notified and a team meeting will be scheduled that includes the family, teacher, and director.  This procedure is considered an Intervention Support Plan. See steps below.

  1. First Meeting: Child’s strengths and challenges will be identified. We will refer to the Teaching Pyramid and determine what intentional teaching strategies are being used. We will share evidence of logged time, place, and type of behavior exhibited; and strategies used to minimize challenging behaviors. Goals and behavior modification plan will be created. A method called “shadowing” will be implemented short term.  Shadowing is a positive discipline strategy that requires a coach (teacher or director) to stay with a child exhibiting challenging behaviors much of the day to prevent the behavior and to intervene and directly teach problem-solving and self-regulation skills. This method also allows for the teacher to gather information about potential causes of the challenging behavior. The teacher and family will agree on a communication method and timeline for follow-up feedback.  If the challenging behavior improves, no other steps will be taken. If challenging behavior continues for about 2 weeks after the start of the behavior modification plan, a second team meeting will be scheduled by the director.
  2. Second Meeting: Review plan, discuss progress and continued challenges. If challenging behaviors are continuing and/or minimal progress is documented additional strategies will be considered such as                                                                                                  a.The school will consult with an outside support service for guidance and further intervention.                                                                                                                                           b. The family will be referred to seek outside professional support services. If the family refuses to seek outside support services the child will be withdrawn from our program until support services are scheduled. If a child is withdrawn there is no guarantee of re-enrollment. If the family agrees to seek outside support, the team will develop a follow-up schedule/timeline to discuss the follow-up support plan of action, timelines, and revised behavior modification plan.
  3. Third Meeting: Once support service assessments have been completed (must happen in a timely manner) the family will share results and feedback with the team. The family and school will develop a new plan of action moving forward. During this meeting we will discuss the option of determining if our program is best suited for the child’s needs based on support services recommendations and school limitations. The school staff or family will determine shortly after this meeting if our program can meet the child’s needs while maintaining the safety of all children in the program.  If a family does not agree with the school’s decision of termination of enrollment, a grievance can be filed.  See below.

___Filing a Grievance—If you are unsatisfied with an administrative decision regarding your child you may file a written complaint to the Director and to the Executive Church Board 24 hours after the decision. You will communicate your concerns in a respectful manner. There will be no harassment, belittling, or threats of any kind.  You may not involve other preschool families. Once the written grievance has been received an Executive Committee Member will contact the family to schedule a follow-up resolution meeting.

___Belongings: Each child will need to bring a complete change of clothes, lunch, refillable bottle, nap mat (that meets dimension requirements 1x19x45), small pillow and blanket. Blankets and pillows go home every week to be washed.  Please label all belongings. An additional supply list/wish list items is provided. Do not bring toys from home except on scheduled Show & Tell days.

___Move-ups: Traditional move-ups occur the end of August; however, a child may be moved-up on a need basis if a child is age-appropriate and there is space available in another classroom.  There will be a transition period for children to visit the classroom the week before the move-up date.

___Birthday parties: The school will celebrate birthdays once a month with a school pizza party. Parents of the birthday child (ren) may be asked to give a donation toward the party to cover the cost. Please keep healthy nutrition in mind when bringing in a snack for the children.

___Medicine, sunscreen and bug repellent: As a MAT certified school we will give children medicine when needed. Parents will need to fill out a medication form giving us consent to do so each time it is needed.  The medicine will only be given when it is in the original container. For any medications that need to stay at school long term (over 10 days) a form filled out by the child’s physician is required. For sunscreen and bug repellent you may fill out one form for the season. Give medicine to Director or Assistant Director.

___Field Trips: Our school will participate in field trips. We rely on parent volunteers to transport and supervise their own child during field trips. Permission slips must be signed and returned. A child may not stay at school in another classroom during a class trip because class ratio requirements does not allow it.

____Photographs and media: Occasionally our school will be featured in local newspaper/media.  We also take photographs of the children for school purposes only.  If you do not want your child’s photo taken or to be featured in any type of school media you must inform us in writing.

___Volunteering and visiting: You may visit us at any time during the day.  Lunch buddies and book buddies are very popular! Please note for safety reasons we lock our front doors at 10:00 a.m.  Please ring the doorbell when you visit.

___Conferences/Communication: Teachers schedule a parent/teacher conference during the school year. Parents may request conferences as desired. We value a close partnership and our goal is to maintain strong communication with families. If you have questions, concerns, or need to communicate information that will require an in-depth conversation we ask that you contact us through email, phone (between 1:00-3:00), leave a sticky note, or schedule a conference. To ensure the safety of the children our attention will need to be focused on properly supervising the children during drop-off and pick-up times.

___ Sickness: A child may not attend school if he/she has a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or has a contagious illness or skin disease.  Teachers/director will send the child home if symptoms are detected.  Parents will also be called to pick a child up if the child isn’t participating due to a cold or illness.  We are unable to keep just one child inside during cold weather due to our ratio requirements.  Please call when your child will be absent. Your child may not return to school until your child is fever free for 24 hours without fever reducer medications.

LICE: It is a common issue with children.  It does not mean children/families are unclean. If your child has lice we will ask that your child be picked up and treated before returning to school. Please notify the school a.s.a.p. if you detect that your child has lice, so that we can take proper precautionary measures, such as, bagging up stuffed animals and linens at school.

___Hand washing:  All children and staff must wash their hands when arriving and departing school, after toileting, before meals, after playing outdoors, and after nose wipes and sneezes.

__Late Arrivals & Early Pick-Up:  Your child may not be dropped off after 11:00 a.m.; coming to school and then getting picked up for a doctor’s appointment with a return time by 1:00 p.m. is acceptable.  Late arrival after 11:00 a.m. to start the day is too disruptive to the child and the children in the classroom.  Our children rest between 1:00-3:00 p.m., if you are planning an early pick-up, please do so before 1:00 p.m. or after 3:00 p.m.

___Other Pick-ups: The school will need advance notice when someone other than authorized persons will be picking up your child. Please notify staff when someone other than parents will be picking up so that we can make a note of it and communicate it with our afternoon staff.  We will check the person’s I.D. If parents are divorced we will need a copy of the visitation schedule from the court.  Please be sure we know that you are leaving with your child at the end of the day.

Sibling Pick-Up: Please notify us when an older sibling is picking up.  Please indicate on the registration form that the older sibling is authorized to pick-up.

___Departing/Supervision/Leaving the building: Your child may not leave the building without an authorized adult. When you arrive for pick-up you are responsible for supervising your child.  Please be sure your child stays with you during pick-up time until you are ready to leave. For safety, hold your child’s hand in the parking lot and watch your child very closely. Only adults are allowed to open our exterior doors.

___Parking Lot Safety: Stay with your children at all times—do not allow small children to be unattended in the parking lot.

___Cement playground Stairs:  An adult must hold a child’s hand going up and down the cement stairs located at the playground.

___Naptime: A two-hour rest time (1:00-3:00) for the children is part of our day. We will provide a quiet activity for children that are outgrowing nap time for the last half hour of rest time.

___Outside Time & Proper Attire:  Outside time is a regular part of our curriculum in all seasons (when weather permits) to enhance large muscle development.  We will refrain from going outside during heavy rainy days and extreme hot/cold temperatures; however, snow will not keep us in!  Please bring appropriate clothing to play in the snow! Your child must have a heavy coat, gloves, and a hat for winter weather. If your child refuses to wear winter attire, a parent may be called for an early pick-up. If your child does not have proper winter attire to go outdoors, the parents will be called to provide needed attire as needed.   Also, please send your child in play clothes. We will have fun & get dirty!

__ Dress Code: During warm months shorts need to be worn under dresses and skirts.  During winter months tights must we worn under dresses and skirts.  We are very active at school.   Closed toe shoes/sandals are highly recommended during the warm months—flip flops are a tripping hazard.

___Security: The front doors are often locked at 10:00 a.m. for security.  Please ring the door bell if you arrive after this time.  When the doors are locked in the afternoon during outdoors time, please go to the playground to pick-up your child.   We have exterior security cameras at the entrance of our building and in the back of building.

___DVDs: During inclement weather and for special occasions we may watch a short movie.  We will provide an alternate activity for children that do not want to watch a movie.

___Toys from Home: No toys from home unless it is Show-n-Tell day or theme related to be used in the classroom. Children may not bring in violent related figurines (Power Rangers, etc.), toy weapons, or other fighting toys that may lead to aggressive play.  We encourage pretend play such as Rescue Heroes (fire fighters)/ community helpers, animal play, or every day life experiences (dress-up, picnics, cooking, etc.).  Theme related items and books are fine to bring anytime to share with the classroom. A soft sleep toy may be put with the nap things.

___Cell Phone Use: We strongly feel that children need your undivided attention during drop off and pick up time, please refrain from using cell phones during drop-off and pick-up time.

___When you can reach us: Your feedback, concerns, and questions are very important to us.  The best time to reach us by phone is during rest time (1:00-3:00) or you can call and leave a voice mail message.  You may drop a note in our mailboxes located in the office, schedule a brief meeting during rest time, or send an email.  For confidentiality reasons we will not discuss issues with parents in front of other families.  For proper supervision we also must limit our conversations during drop off and pick-up times. The children need drop-off and pick-up times to be centered on them & you!

___ Emergency Situations:  In the event of an emergency such as fire, accidents, or weather-related problems you will be contacted as soon as possible.  Teachers are trained in emergency situations and are familiar with our emergency plan of action.  For weather related closings please tune into channel 29 news www.nbc29.com and local radio stations and call the school voice mail for the most reliable source of information. Our crisis onsite relocation place is at the church building and relocation off-site will be at Covenant Church on Rio Road. The city of Charlottesville is responsible for helping with crisis transportation.

___ Contacts: The Church Board supports Park Street Christian Preschool. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact a church representative at 434-296-3155.